Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How's your attitude?

"Attitudes are contagious.

 Are your's worth catching?"

~Dennis and Wendy Mannering.

A great question to reflect upon.  When you are tired, frustrated or sailing close to the wind what do you want to see come through your screen?  The old saying of what you put in reflects on you... along with what you give out comes back --- usually ten fold.

Yesterday I mentioned about having goals, strategies, long and short term plans.  Is 'Attitude' reviewal one of your short term needs to review?

Simple things like accepting a 'Thank you' without brushing off the pleasure that saying it has given the other person has an importance that the receiver [ in this case you] may never fully understand.

With that in mind.  Thank you for including myself in your team.  The pleasure of you in mine is greatly rewarding.  Have a terrific day with whatever it is that you are doing too.

Catch you around.

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